Scorched Food-Easy Way to Clean Pots and Pans





Introduction: Scorched Food-Easy Way to Clean Pots and Pans

This is a pan after my husband made some sausage, he likes it really well done. I use some paper towel to wipe out the grease (because grease is horrible for pipes!). I only own stainless steel pots and pans, I cannot tell you how this would work on any other type of pot or pan. I can't guarantee results, or be liable for any damages.

Step 1: Baking Soda

I sprinkle a good bit of baking soda in the pan. Then I add enough water to cover the baking soda and the burnt on food. Do not overfill the pan, it can bubble over.

Step 2: Add Water and Boil.

Put the pan on the stove on high, and bring the water/baking soda mixture to a boil. This does not take very long, so don't walk away! It can boil over and make a mess.

Step 3: Boil and Scrape.

I use a spatula to get the bits off the bottom of the pan, stirring it around and scraping it. Again, this doesn't take long at all.

Step 4: The Mess Is Going Down the Drain.

The pan is mostly clean at this point, just pour the stuff down the drain!

Step 5: Quick Scrub.

A little soap.....

Step 6: Rinse.

...a rinse....

Step 7: Ta-da!

...and it's clean! Ready for the next round of sausage!



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    13 Discussions

    Oxyclean, it dissolves anything in a few hours

    Gee..I meant left a comment. I was thinking to far ahead of myself. Sorry.

    Can't wait to try this tomorrow. I have cast iron and stainless. great to know it works on both. Thanks for the tip. And thanks everyone who tried this and left a moment. They all helped.

    Dude, don't waste that flavor rug. Fry done eggs on it.

    Works great on cast iron.

    Works great on cast iron.

    Yeah I am hungry. I will soak my pan for a few hours. Lol. This works great thank you for posting. When u need a pan u need it now.

    I agree with ottawafm that soaking it in plain water for several hours will do the same thing. To keep your skillets in tiptop condition, clean them with a rag and BarKeeper's Friend or Bon Ami. These products gently polish out the minute scratches, and your food sticks less. If you don't want to scratch your stainless steel pans, don't ever use steel wool or those scouring pads, or, of course, metal utensils.

    We have a septic system so I love ideas with baking soda and vinegar!

    i usually just put a bit of water (so it uses the residual heat) in while we're eating, then scrub it after

    Great job, but save the baking soda! Just soak it over nite and wash it in tommorow's washing.


    2 years ago

    I like to soak burnt on mess with vinegar. it works good for me

    Great technique! We do this at our house and it always works like a charm.