Scorpion 360 C.D.M (Critical Demelition Mass)





Introduction: Scorpion 360 C.D.M (Critical Demelition Mass)

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Check my TKBT (The Knex Bear Trap) too!
This is one of my sweetest looking guns.
It has a range of 25 to 60 ft depending on the quality and the number of rubberbands

-Cool ass design
-True trigger
-Can take a punch
-Very powerful
-Pretty low part use

-Magazine doesn't work at all
-Painful when you get hit (if you hit someone else, it's a pro)

Step 1: Firing Pin

build this

Step 2: Fake Magazine Sides

Build this 2 times

Step 3: Fake Magazine Bottom

build this

Step 4: Handle for Walking

This part enables you to carry it without the trigger sitting in the way

Step 5: Barrel

This is the most time-consuming and painful part to build

Step 6: Side Panels

this part is very important 'cause without it, it would'nt even work half as good as it would with these two on it

build it two times

Step 7: Handle

This part is for putting on the trigger and for comfort

Step 8: Trigger

For holding the firing pin from shooting to early

Step 9: Putting It Together

Pic 1: handle + barrel
Pic 2: put them together
Pic 3: trigger + barrel
Pic 4: put them together
Pic 5: put the mag bottom and the sides together
Pic 6: fake mag + barrel
Pic 7: put them together
Pic 8: firing pin + barrel
Pic 9: shove in the firing pin
Pic 10: side panels + barrel
Pic 11: put them together
Pic 12: handle for walking
Pic 13: put them together

Step 10: Rubberbands Emplacement

Pic A: put the rubberbands like so

Pic B: Put the rubberbands like so

Step 11: The Ammo

The ammo is red rods as shown

Step 12: It's Done!!!!

Well, you've got yourself the Scorpion 360 C.D.M
have freaking much fun with my knex gun!!!



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    a built it and when i fire it w/ a red or gray rod as the ammo it kicks back! ! ! ! !

    Hi, I have made a new bullet for you rifle​​, this is the link to the instructable:

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    LOL, i don't know what AK's in your country look like but definitely not like this! xD

    cool geweer, maar kan je misschien kijken of je een werkend magazijn kan maken?

    viccie i dont have any bendy blue rods for the mag any ideas

    are the blue rods bendy because the normal dont work

    yes you can add duct tape

     gonna build it, untill i have no bendy rods, any like way around it 

    Nee da's gewoon een heel erg fout afgelopen Spiderman rip-off.
    GTA Episodes From Liberty City is nu uit voor de PS3. da's meer mijn ding.

     haha ok want ik speel(de) het wel en daar komt dus 'ctitical mass' in voor... ik vroeg me 't gwn ff af :P