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Technically, scoubidou uses plastic cords, but since this is a knot I've learned with it, I'll just call it a scoubidou bracelet. They are really fun and easy to make and this is just one of many possibilities. Oh, and I must add, it's a perfect activity for a rainy day.
I hope you will try making this yourself, if you have, I would love to see pictures :)
So, have fun making, and I hope you like it!

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Step 1: What Do You Need

- Yarn (I used 3 different colours, but that's up to you of course!)
- Scissors
- A rainy day (optional)

Step 2: Cut Your Yarn

To make one bracelet, you will need a length of about 1.2 meter. I used two strings from all the colors, otherwise the bracelet would be really thin. The strands I cut were wayyyy to long, about 2 meter, and I used about half of them, so 1.2 meter should be enough.

Step 3: Make a Knot

Align the six strands (they don't have to be perfectly aligned, about the same height will do just fine) and make a knot. Do not pull it too tight, you will need to remove it later.

Step 4: The Bracelet Itself

Divide the six strands into three groups. I made three groups that each contain two strands of one color, but again, this is totally up to you. 

I'm going to explain the knotting using the colours I used, I think that's easier to follow.

Take the grey strands and put them over the green strands, so a loop will form. Next, take the green strands, keep them under the grey strands and let them go up, place them on top of the blue strands. Take the blue strands, keep the under the green strands and let them end by putting the ends through the grey loop. Pull all three of the groups tight to end your knot. If you don't know what way to go, always go clockwise.

Repeat this until you have finished about five knots

Step 5: Remove the Knot

Since your strands won't go unknot themselves, it's time to remove that knot. That's why you didn't pull it too tight, remember?

After this, just keep knotting until the knotted part is long enough to fit over your hand. 

Step 6: Making It Round, Finishing Up

When your bracelet had the right size, it's time to knot it. Start with one knot, seal it with another. Pull as tight as possible.

Cut off the excess yarn and you're done! 

I hope you liked this project, if you have any suggestions I would love to hear them!



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5 years ago

there sooooooo gud im gonma make them later after breacky!

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5 years ago

I apologize, the pun simply had to be made.
Nice turorial! I never learned this. Maybe I'll try it this weekend... :)

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5 years ago on Introduction

Aww, I remember the scoubidou craze way back. This would look great with the plastic ones or with embroidery thread. Nice one.

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