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Firstly, I wish to quickly clarify 5 things:

1) I had to check up on the bottom of the shed because we thought that one of the supporting beams was damaged. I was the only one who was able to fit into the small access hole to the dried river-bed beneath the garden
2) This required use of a torch, and a camera. So really, it was more justifiable bringing the Scout 203a, because I fitted it with both these things
3) Before the decking was built, I had made the little lego "escape pod" as a hover-tank time capsule. I wrote the little message inside (although, that should probably read "I got my Mum to write the message inside) and we planted it in the river-bed. I was genuinely surprised at the note though because I'd forgotten about it.
4) I knew the lego pod was there, so I thought I'd weave it into a "search and rescue" scenario, for entertainment purposes.
5) Hope you enjoy the video, and no, I don't know why one of the Scout203a's wheels squeaks either...



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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Cool, I didn't knew you had more tanks. You're very good at this, Lowney!

    This very good. I think the text was a little too fast but i liked the 'mission' because it looked very real, and also with the dramatic music. Just one thing... Whats the music called?

    1 reply

    I actually have no idea in my music library it's just called "Really epic theme". I think I nicked it off another YouTube video lol. The eerie music in the 'cavern' is the Torvus Bog theme from Metroid Prime 2.