Scouts Fleur De Lis - Sewing Project

Introduction: Scouts Fleur De Lis - Sewing Project

This Scouts Fleur de lis teaches how to use a needle and thread.

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Step 1: Materials/Tools/Equiment

You will need the following materials:
    Purple Felt Fabric
    White Wool
    Printed Fleur de lis 
    Double Sided tape

    30 cm crochet ring
    7 cm plastic sewing needle
    Cutting Board/Ruler/Knife
    Texta pen

Step 2: Fleur De Lis Template - Left Side

Print this at full height on an A4 sheet.

Step 3: Fleur De Lis Template - Right Side

Print this at full height on an A4 sheet. Cut both sides of the Fleur de lis Templates and join together with double sided tape.

Step 4: Cutting the Fleur De Lis Template

Cut one section at a time, starting with the stars.

Stretch the Purple Felt Fabric in the crochet ring.

Using a texta pen draw dots where the stitching is to be sewn.

Once each section is sewn then cut the next section and continue.

Step 5: Finished

This Scouts Fleur de lis - Sewing Project was constructed as part of the "Handycraft" Level 2 Badges for Cubs Scouts Australia by my son.  Working with a large needle and wool help develop his fine motor skills for sewing. The crochet ring help, by holding the fabric reduces the effort to manage the fabric whilst learning the art of sewing. 

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