Scrabble Tile Coasters





Introduction: Scrabble Tile Coasters

About: I'm an English teacher and former Instructables staff member.

Gorilla glue.


Utility knife.

Scrabble tiles. 

Clear coat spray paint.

Enough time to spell more than 5 real words per coaster.



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    I, too thought of dominoes, I had had a collection when I was growing up...

    Pretty cool. Better than I at getting all those words together on each coaster.

    oh i made something like these too along with the domino clock i entered. i used it for my home decor exhibit. :)

    Thanks. This was just an old project that I didn't document. It's just a matter of sticking the tiles to the cork, letting it all dry, then cutting out the coasters. Spray the top with the clear coat (to protect the tiles from condensation), then try to be patient before setting icy cold drinks on top.