Scrambled Eggs With Tomatoes

Introduction: Scrambled Eggs With Tomatoes

Hello everyone! Have you heard from your friends that Chinese Food is pretty good? Do you really want to cook it by yourself at home? Now it is a perfect chance to learn it. Today, I want to teach you a kind of Chinese Food called scrambled eggs with tomatoes. It is not only delicious but also easy to prepare if you can follow my steps and tips correctly. The process is easy to follow without any necessary technical abilities. It will cost you no more than 15 minutes to make a delicious food step by step even though it is your first time to do it. After several practices, you can save more time. Now let’s start!

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Step 1: Food Materials and Tools Preparation

Food material: four eggs, two tomatoes, scallions, edible oil, salt and sugar

Tools: a kitchen knife, a cutting board, a bowl, a pair of chopsticks (or a whisk) and an electric frying pan


1. The tomatoes that you prepared must be totally ripe. Even though some of them are red enough, they are still not ripe. Nip them when you choose and do no pick up the one which is so hard.

Step 2: Cutting Tomatoes

Cut off tomatoes’ stems since we do not need them, and you can strip the peel if you really do not like them. There is a knack which can help you strip the peel easily. You can scald them with boiling water for ten seconds. Then let’s cut the tomato with a kitchen knife. Cutting a tomato in half from the top down. Place one half horizontally and cut it into four smaller parts equally, and do the same step for the other half.

Step 3: Cutting Scallions

Since the scallion is accessory, you can adjust the amount of it by yourself. Usually a quarter is enough for one time.

Step 4: Whisking Eggs

Break four eggs into a bowl, then put little bit salt into the bowl. Next please whisk them with a pair of chopsticks for at least one minute until the liquid is smooth. Or you can use a whisk to do that if you like.

Step 5: Cooking Process

Then let’s move to the most exciting process – cooking! It is the core content of Chinese food. We have a high requirement against duration and degree of heating, and time. You cannot cook an authentic Chinese food without them. However, we do not have many requirement for cooking the scrambled eggs with tomatoes. So let’s relax and enjoy the cooking time!

Step 6: Heating the Pan and Then Oil

Turn on the electric frying pan and add approximately three tablespoons of oil. It is very important and must pay more attention to the following steps. At the same time please be careful to the hot oil to avoid scald.

Step 7: Frying Eggs

When the oil is hot enough, which is around 240 degrees Celsius, put the stirred eggs into the pan and keep frying them. Before the egg are wholly fried up, remember to use a spatula to divide the whole egg cake into several little pieces. Then take out the fried egg and put it back to the bowl.

Step 8: Frying Tomatoes

There will be some remainder oil in the pan after frying up eggs. If not you can add some more oil just making sure there is some oil in the pan. Heating the pan to approximately 180 degrees Celsius. Then put the tomato slices which have been prepared in the first step into the pan and stir-fry them. You can add moderate sugar and salt relies on your own taste. Incidentally, the amount of sugar is more than salt as the tomato tastes somewhat acid.


1. You can enhance the flavor by adding some ketchup instead of salt during step 2.

2. The oil used in frying egg should be hotter than that used in frying tomato slices. Please do not use so much oil as it will make the dish too oily.

Step 9: Final Process

After half to one minute stir-frying, remove the cooked food to a plate. Right now the scrambled eggs with tomatoes is accomplished. Finally, do not forget to turn off the electric frying pan and clean those tools.

Step 10: Congratulations!

You have learned how to cook the scrambled eggs with tomatoes. Maybe you can show tour exquisite skill at next party. Now please enjoy your perfect Chinese food!

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