Scrap Fabric Tassel Bracelets



Introduction: Scrap Fabric Tassel Bracelets

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Make funky boho tassels with your leftover scrap fabric and trims.

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Step 1: Watch the Short Video Tutorial Here!

Step 2: Stuff You'll Need

Large zip ties

Strips of scrap fabric

Glue gun



Ribbon and trim

Step 3: Here's How

Trim the head off of your zip tie

Tape it into a bracelet that fits your hand

Hot glue a strip of fabric to the bracelet and then wrap it

Wrap yarn around the fabric wrapped bracelet and secure in place

*Either knot it or glue it down

Knot two strips of contrasting fabric together at the ends

Twist together to create a colorful rope

*Twist the pieces toward the center over and over again

Cut about 20 pieces of trim, fabric and ribbon in 8" lengths

Tie the rope around the bracelet and a pencil

*This will create some room for it to move

Tie the rope around the center of the 8" pieces

Create your tassel shape and wrap another piece of fabric to make the neck

Trim any extra long pieces

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