Scrap Heat Generator

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This project is inspired by the "Fusion Jr Home Energy Reactor" project done by the Homebrew Guru.

I'll link that here:

This is a simpler (and admittedly less effective) version of his project, but it's a little easier to build and the concept is explained a bit more simply.

This project uses anything that burns hot as fuel, including garbage, wood, paper, old charcoal briquettes, anything.

You'll need:

-A solar garden light.

-A battery case.

-A tin can.

-A Peltier module

Let's get started.

Step 1: Get the Battery Charger

I prefer to take my charger out of a garden solar light. These have small and simple to use circuits in them.

Solder the peltier module to the wires that the solar panel used to be attached to, and solder the new battery case to the wires that the old one used to be attached to.

Refer to the diagram in the last step to understand how these wires should be configured.

Step 2: Attach the Peltier Module

Simply tape the peltier module to the side of the tin can, or glue it using some type of melt-proof glue.

Refer to the picture above as well as the diagram in the next step if you need... well... reference.

Step 3: Circuit Diagram / How to Use

The circuit diagram shows how to hook everything up.

To use this machine, simply put a hot burning object into the tin can. The peltier module will "absorb" the heat and convert it into power.

It's optional, but you can put holes in the sides and bottom of the can to get more oxygen into the fire, help it ventilate.

It's good to put a heat sink on the side of the Peltier device that isn't being heated, as it works better when one side is cool and the other is hot.

Here's a tutorial on how to make a heat sink:

Please be careful when playing with fire.

That's what we call an oxymoron.



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