Scrap Heat Sink

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This is a way to make a heat sink for small components out of trash.

You'll need:

-A small and flat bit of metal (bottle cap)


-Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline, etc.)

Step 1: Make the Thermal Paste

You'll need to mix the petroleum jelly (Vaseline) and the toothpaste together. From my experience, two parts toothpaste and one part Vaseline works best. Mix well.

You can experiment with different amounts and even adding your own ingredients to make it more conductive, but this is my recipe.

Step 2: Attach the Component

Wow, two steps? That's all? Huh..

Anyways, now you simply apply the paste to the side of the component you need cooled (In this case, a 555 chip) and apply the small flat bit of metal to where you applied the gel.

This is a very useful on transistors that you need to put a little more current through, or you could use it on the Peltier module on my heat generator project


This is very open to modification, its a very general concept and anyone with enough experience can modify it as they please.



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    2 years ago

    Interesting, should give it a try one day!