Scrap Metal + Welder + Wire + Paint = Golden Gate Bridge (well Sort Of)

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A pile of scrap metal  that I had been tripping over becomes a model bridge loosely based on the Golden Gate. 

The steps are pretty straight forward;

I. Cut a 2 foot by 8 inch piece from 1/8 inch sheet metal scrap. 

2. Cut appropriately sized lengths from steel rods that were mostly scrap from previous projects. 

3. Used my MIG welder to  weld everything together.  Most of the pictures are facing away from the welds as I am pretty much an amateur when it comes to welding.  :)

4. Drilled a lot of holes so I could string the wires that act as the cables.  I attached the vertical cables to the thicker cable by soldering them together.

5. Used a grinding wheel to smooth the edges and grind down the worst welds.

6. Spray painted a primer coat of paint

7. Painted the roadway a grey and then after it dried, covered with masking taper so I could spray paint the main structure a brown.  The brown is not quite a match for the Golden Gate. 

8.  Presented as a gift to my son who lives in San Francisco. 

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