Scrap Pallet Table

Introduction: Scrap Pallet Table

I was inspired to make this from wholman in furniture on The top portion is from two pallets (heat treated of course for safety not the chemical treated) and the legs are from some 30 year old scrap pine 1x10's I ripped down to the width of the pallet slats used on top. I What I did different was I used the first trellis and leg portion as a jig to drill holes in each board individually for the threaded rod and they lined up perfectly! I did not pinch the end of the legs together because they are only 17" high and thought they might break if I did that. I instead doubled them up for proper thickness and strength. I used a belt sander to then flush everything out on the top and two sides opposite of the threaded rods and left the bottom unfinished and irregular on purpose. This table is overbuilt and super strong! I used "Fixall" multipurpose filler in the gaps. I used only boiled linseed oil and then a product with bee's wax and linseed oil for the final finish and it turned out quite nice! Other than that, I followed the same process in making this as wholman did making his "scrap table" as seen here in the link below:



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    It's pretty awesome how thick that pallet table is. How long did it take you to put the blocks together for the surface of the table? If I am seeing correctly, it looks like they are assembled together with glue. That sure seems like a whole lot of glue.

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    It took an hour or so to assemble and yes lots of glue! I assembled the leg portions in advance then glued, screwed each layer and put the threaded rod through the entire thing. (I pre-drilled the threaded rod holes for each layer in advance) The screws were over kill so just the glue and threaded rod are enough.

    Wal-Mart pallets are pretty nice. the only problem is they are blue so you would have to clean them up

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    I read somewhere on instructables that the painted pallets are not to safe for indoor use. They may have toxins so I would probably stay away from those.

    your pallet wood looks a lot thicker and nicer than the stuff I can get hold of. very nice

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    Thanks, I just made sure to use pallets that were a little better wood (3/4") than the really thin one time use pallets...these things are every where! Drive around the back of a store some where and I am sure you will find something decent.