Scrap Paper CD Folder

Introduction: Scrap Paper CD Folder

easy CD carrying folder by using scrap paper lying around the office. 

what you'll need

+ scrap paper
+ colored paper (optional)
+ rubber bands
+ regular tape
+ shipping tape
+ scissors

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Step 1:

fold one sheet of paper in half and in half again. one sheet makes three CD pockets. make as many as you need.

Step 2:

attach folded sheets (3 pockets each) to other sheets buy taping at the corners

Step 3:

stack all the pockets and tape the sides with the creases. the tape regular tape and tape a small piece in between the set of pockets. now you are finished with folder.

Step 4: Optional Cover

if you want to as a cover to your scrap paper CD folder you can use a piece of colored paper. fold it in half twice and cut along one of the folds as shown below. then fold the sheet as you did before and slide it onto the folder made before out of scrap paper. and place between the cover and the folder. ( attach rubber band to secure CD s in folder)

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