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Introduction: Scrap Wood Bottle Opener

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This bottle opener is so EASY to make! All you need is some scrap wood and a nut/bolt. It is also super fun to use and is a fun trick to show off at parties.

Step 1: Materials

Scrap Wood - just a long skinny piece, I cut a 9" x 2" piece I found in the workshop.
Nut and Bolt - make sure the bolt is at 3/4" longer than the width of the wood


Step 2: Cut Wood - If Needed

Use the saw to cut wood to desired length.  You will want to sand your wood after to make sure it is safe for use.

Step 3: Drill Hole

Drill hole at the end of the wood about 1/2" to 1" from the end.

Step 4: Insert Nut and Bolt

Put the bolt in the hole.  

Leave the head of the bolt sticking out 1/2" to 3/4" from the wood.  Screw nut on end of bolt on the other side of the wood.

Step 5: Have Fun!

I got this idea from a restaurant in Vietnam.  The waiter was really charasmatic and used this bottle opener.  He gave us each one to bring home.  It is lots of fun to use! 

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    18 Discussions

    I apologise if its a stupid question, but is the force and speed of hutting it required to open the bottles? or is it just a cooler way to do it?

    I don't need an opener, i use edges of tables, cellphones(someone elses), lighters etc. :D

    1 reply

    i'm really good at opening bottles with things, but a while ago - before i got so good - i broke the screen opening a bottle with a phone.. later damaged my replacement too haha

    Well, of course, but you can it would be better to do! Somehow unintelligible

    I've also had one of those (by the way I used scrap wood), this is very common here in Brazil. But no need to use nut, just use a wood screw (self-tapping?) gets even better.
    Oh, and Mr.. forgot the most important, make a hole in the corner opposite the screw to pass a string (or something like that) to hang alongside the refrigerator or counter, be easier to use and also not lose it.
    This b.o. is very ugly, but you can improve it by using beautiful wood and varnish, or painting, making drawings, making beads, latejoulas, barbells.
    The advantage is that if the screw is placed in correct position, the bottle is opened without scratching or bending the lid.

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    And no force apliance. Just a little push. Yes, it's very commom in Brazil.

    so..... what happens when the board smashes your thumb and you drop the bottle???

    Very simple and useful opener. You are, however, using a compound miter saw in a very unsafe fashion. Your fingers are never supposed to get that close to the blade. Yerboogieman is correct. A table saw would've been a better choice. Or at least a quick jig to hold the scrap.
    Love the judo chop, though.

    Just like the one's I used at Cafe on Thu Wheels in Hue, Vietnam back in 2003. Cool.

    Hahaha. Nam! Amazing and the video is great. Nice chop.

    cool, now I can open a bottle with my Meccano !!!
    (since the son stopped playing with it, mom can use it again, lol)

    Check this out! if you happen to have a 3d printer (preferably one of the DIY Open Source variety, like RepRap or Makerbot)

    Nice, but as for criticism, I'd probably use a table saw, lol. Good job.

    Simple and easy, nice one! I love the gif, definitely a bonus.

    That's a fun widget - shame there aren't so many crimp-top soda bottles in the UK, I'd have made these for the boys.

    (I don't need one - I open beer with my Instructables Leatherman...)