Scrap Metal Ring




Introduction: Scrap Metal Ring

I keep collecting abandoned junk in the desert - broken tv glass, shotgun shells, rusted nails - but this time came across a great stretch of rusted metal strap. one person's junk, right? I started off with the idea of a bracelet but instead crafted a ring as my trial piece. not a bad start!

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Step 1: Tools

the tools used were tin snips, a file, pliers, a sandpaper sponge, tacky glue, and mod podge's dimensional magic.

Step 2: Cut It Up!

i cut a couple inches off using tin snips.

Step 3: Cuttin Corners

throw on those safety glasses and snip the corners at an even angle.

Step 4: Filing

I filed down the edges at each corner, working the file at a diagonal. I don't have a fancy file. it's actually a farriers file, given to me when I worked as a carpenter. any simple metal file will do well.

Step 5: Still Filing

since it takes some of that beautiful rust color off with the filing, I continued along the edges for a silvery trim.

Step 6: Shaping

I used pliers and bent the ring into shape. you could probably use a socket to curl the metal around something if you're having trouble shaping it. I prefer the uneven, bent-outta-shape look, myself.

Step 7: Sanding

using the sides of the coarse and fine grit sanding sponge, I softened the catches out of the filed edges.

Step 8: Decor

I had this fortune cookie paper lying around that said, "You love life very much." what did I think of it? rip it up! heh :) it was for a good cause.

Step 9: Glue

I used tacky glue to affix the pieces.

Step 10: Coating

then I coated both sides of the ring in a thin coat of mod podge's dimensional magic to protect the rust and the paper.

Step 11: Dry Time

drying was most time consuming. this stuff takes about three hours. I dropped it on the end of my well-loved paintbrush, weighted it, and let it be.

Step 12: End Results!

turned out to be a pretty cool little band with some good color to it. thanks, desert wasteland!

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