Scrap Wood Coat/backpack Hanger




Introduction: Scrap Wood Coat/backpack Hanger

Quick and easy coat rack or backpack hanger

Step 1: Cut Lumber

Rip 2x4 cedar slightly off center down the length of the board

Step 2: Assembly

Lay out the wood in your desired pattern. lay a wavy line of wood glue between the bottom 2 pieces of wood and clamp together. Screw three 2 1/2 in. wood screws through each end and middle of the board (you may need more or less depending on the length). To prevent splitting you may want to predrill the holes before screwing together.

Once you have the bottom two pieces assembled, add the next pieces one by one by removing the clamps, adding glue and then screwing from the top followinging the above steps .

Step 3: Hooks

You can use just about anything for hooks (doorknobs, railroad spikes etc.). I used the legs off an old iron patio chair I had lying around. make sure to attach them securely and with proper glue or hardware

Step 4: Mounting

locate studs in your wall to screw into or use 75 lb drywall anchors. mount the rack by screwing directly through the middle row of wood.

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