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Introduction: Scrapbook Paper Wallet With Additional Flaps!

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There are numerous paper wallets that can be found around this site, but only a select few have the effect to WOW anyone who sees it. That being said, I have made a paper wallet by combining, and adding on a few extras of my own.

Credits to theRIAA and themostbob for the basic ideas of the paper wallet.

Now, grab your craftiness and get ready to start making an eye-worthy wallet.

Step 1: So Many Choices, So Little Time.

First thing's first: choosing your material. I used scrapbook paper as it is thicker than regular paper and there are so many designs that it's hard not to make more than just one wallet. I chose a design that would appeal to my friend as a present, but you can use any style of paper that you desire.

My scrapbook paper was much too large to make a regular paper wallet, so some trimming was necessary. I used a regular sheet of 8.5 x 11 paper as a guide, and cut the scrapbook paper to size.

Step 2: Fold It Like It's Hot.

If you already know how to make theRIAA's paper wallet, then great. If not, please follow the link below to gain access to the knowledge of paper wallet making. When you have successfully completed making your own paper wallet, and you are satisfied with it, continue on to the next step.

Step 3: Do You Hear an Accordion Playing?

Now that you have the basic body of the wallet, you can now start to add special features to it. These features will definitely give you some street credits and respect down in the hood. If you're lucky enough, you might even be able to use some of those credits in arcades :D

Anyway, props are given to themostbob for his accordion style wallet which will be added on to your own wallet. Simply follow his instructions at the link below, or take a look at the pictures for some snapshots of how an accordion style card wallet is made. Either way you will end up with the same result, but by following the link, more detailed instructions are given.

When making the accordion pieces (the repeatedly folded thingamabobs), mark 8cm from both ends of the paper when you have the paper in the hot dog way (landscape). You are marking from both ends so that for each accordion piece, you have one perfectly straight edge. Cut to the appropriate size, and once you have both 8cm x 21.6cm (8.5") sheets, measure 1cm increments and start folding.

Step 4: Flaps Ahoy!

Notice how on regular, store bought wallets, there are flaps that flap out to the sides? These are going to be replicated with some crafty paper work, and the will be able to hold identification cards. It's as simple as taking some measurements (or eyeballing), doing a few cuts, and voila. You've made a flap that swings down.

I forgot to take a picture of how to fold this flap together, but hopefully you can make things out by carefully looking at which way the creases go. If you have any questions, just leave a comment and I'll assist you.

Step 5: Flaps, Flaps, and More Flaps.

This second flap will swing to the side of the wallet instead of down like the previous flap. Same basic concept.

Once again, the panels that you fold should be the same size as the panels on the wallet.

Step 6: Pretty-ing Things Up!

This step is optional (recommended though), but it's one of those fine details that somehow takes things a step higher.

Get another design of scrapbook paper and cut rectangles out which are roughly larger than the windows for the picture IDs.

Step 7: The Magical Wonders of Tape!

As of now, the flaps that you have made have openings and no closed ends. Therefore, if you try to put your ID cards in, they will simply fall out. This predicament is solved with the fantastic ability of clear tape.

Follow the pictures to see how to seal the edges with tape as I did with the first flap. Just do the same with the second flap and then you're almost done!

Step 8: We're All in This Together!

It's time to put everything together to form one ultimate paper wallet. Glue the first flap you made, then glue the second flap on top of the first flap. Presto! You have successfully created a fancy shmancy paper wallet.

Step 9: Sorry, But We're Closed.

Closing the wallet is as easy as 1, 2, 4. Lift the first flap up, followed by the second flap, and then you're done. You could flip the second flap in first, then the first flap, but why take a chance? Plus, there will be less wrinkles in the paper if you fold the first flap first.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, just leave your inquiry in the comments section and I'll try to help you to the best of my abilities.

Now go forth and show off your ultimate paper wallet!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    How sturdy is this wallet? Can it be used as an everyday one or do you think it would break easily with normal wallet use?