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Introduction: Scrapbook Storage Rack

My daughter-in-law is into scrapbooking to the point where she has stacks of paper and rolls of stuff all over her work room. I told her I can help fix that- with a 4 sided rotating rack. This rack has 52 shelves (13 on each side) and approx. 1'x4' peg board on each side. Should be lots of storage for her, I know I'm so sick of seeing shelves, I have nightmares. This rack is about 4 1/2' tall and 32" square

Step 1: I Used

I used 2x2x8- about 12 lengths, 3 sheets of 1/4" plywood, 4 casters, 1x1x8- about 5 lengths, 1x2x8 2 lengths, 48" of 3/8" plywood about 18" wide

Step 2: Building the Shelves

Unfortunately, I got caught up in the moment and forgot to take as many pictures as I wanted. The shelves, even though I thought I would never see the end of them, were pretty basic. I cut the plywood into 12" strips, then cut 52 12" squares, keeping 8 strips about 48" long for the sides of the shelves. I also cut the 1x1 down to 14" long for shelf supports. 104 times(2 for each shelf). I made a form that was 12 3/8" wide, then started making shelves. I made the shelves slightly wider than the 12" paper so it would fit easier, the slight space on the sides of the shelves don't show once it is all together Once all the shelves were made, I sanded a slight divot in the front center of the shelves just big enough that someone can pinch the paper to pick it up. I stained all the shelves and the plywood for the sides now because they will only be about 3" apart when assembled. The sides need a bit of a frame so I glued and brad nailed 2x2's to the front edges of the plywood and cut 4" strips of 3/8" plywood to use as the "back legs" of the sides The easiest way to put this all together is to lay a plywood side down and mark where you want the top shelf to start. I put the front of the shelf 5" down from the top and the back of the shelf 2" down and screwed through the shelf support and plywood into the 2x2 at the front and the 3/8" plywood at the back. Working your way down one side, use a spacer block to space the shelves about 3" apart then flip the whole works over on top of the other side. Measure down and start screwing the shelves down using the spacer again. Pic 1 is one stack of the shelves, pic 2 is the assembled shelves and pic 3 shows the top so you can get a better idea of where the 3/8" plywood legs go.

Step 3: Building the Frame

I made the 2x2 top and bottom frames 29" square. The bottom frame has extra blocks in the corners for the casters. The upright pieces in pic 1 actually came off after this pic so I could use them for the shelf sides. Pic 3 shows one completed side of the rack. I put the shelf sections in, then glued and nailed the pegboard to the 2x2 frames The small strips of plywood around the frame was because the peg board is glued and nailed to the outside of the 2x2 frame so I had to build out the rest of it so the trim would sit flat. I then cut the 1x4 pine and the 1x7 pine for the trim and used 2 1/2" screws and went through the 2x2 frame from the inside to hold the trim. Once I had the trim all on, I stained it before putting on the shelf lips

Step 4: Making the Shelf Lips

I used 1x2 pine for the shelf lips. I drew out a simple pattern that I liked and copied it over to the 1x2. 104 times. Keep in mind you will have a left and right so I laid them out back to back. This way I could route a slot on the back to take the front edge of the 1/4" shelf and I also cleaned out where the end of the 1x1 shelf support will hit with the router. Then I finished cutting them out with my scroll saw and cut the pairs apart with a miter saw. I stained them now before I put them on then glued and brad nailed the lips to the shelves,

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