Scrapbook Wall!!

Introduction: Scrapbook Wall!!

About: I love mustaches, the color aqua, hippos, and duct tape!! I love to hang out with friends and I've always wanted to go to paris;)!

Materials Lots of pictures Duct tape A wall

Step 1:

Find a nice wall maybe by a window so the wall is split up

Step 2:

Once you have found a wall then find a good pic of you and put duct tape on the back and place it in the middle of the wall

Step 3:

Now you have a blank wall with one picture of you in the middle then you can add some more pictures of your friends all around you Remember to add duct tape or wall putty or anything you put on your walls

Step 4:

keep adding more pictures until you feel your done or if you don't have anymore pictures

Step 5:

Whenever you feel like it just add some more pics thanks and follow favorite comment and thanks for checking this out;))))! Aqua 12



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    6 Discussions

    I am totally going to do this!

    Yah that would be cool!

    I meant cloths pin for the string hanging

    Great! You can try taking string and hang it around your room, then take clips or clothing hangers and just hang them on.

    Yes lots!!