Killer Cockroach

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My daughter wanted to dress up as a Killer Cockroach for Halloween one year. I made her costume, but it was more fun making this scrapbook layout. I couldn't find any cockroach stickers....and at the time I didn't own a Cricut. So, I created my own.

Pretty basic scrapbook layout. But the cockroaches were made using a large oval punch. Then punched another one and hand cut the 'v' in the tail end and the top portion where the head is. Added some dimensionals to give it some interest. Hand cut some slivers for the antennas. Cut some triangular pieces for the legs.

The costume was made with a fleece blanket, felt (for the belly), acrylic paint, and pipe cleaners for the ears. Created a label for an old spray bottle that reads: "Human-B-Gone"

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