Scrape Free

Introduction: Scrape Free

Keep your car "Scrape Free" with our product! Who likes to listen to the bottom of their car bumper screech when it scratches a curb or parking lot bumper. Follow the step by step guide to become "Scrape Free"!

Step 1: Materials Needed

Ping Sensor
Ping stand with hardware
68 inch 3 wire F-F extension cable (2) a.k.a female
3pin single row header (2) a.k.a male
9 volt battery
Back lite LCD screen
Electrical wire
Bread board

Step 2:

Assemble the Ping sensor to the Ping stand. Put the small washer on the screw, then put the screw through the ping sensor from the back, then slide the 1/4" washer on and then screw into the ping stand and secure it tightly as show.

Step 3:

Connect LCD to Bread board with female to female extension wire. 3 pin male/male, 9 volt battery.

Step 4:

Run 3 electrical wires 
White to P15
Red to Vdd
Black to Vss

Step 5:

Connect Ping sensor to bread board with female to female extension wire.

Step 6:

Run 3 electrical wires
White to P1
Red to Vdd
Black to Vss

Step 7:

Run codes in basic stamp 2.5.

Step 8:

Screw to grill and mount LCD screen to In-Dash

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    great idea! you should try uploading your code to step 7 just like you would with an image.