"Scrappy Double Irish Chain" Quilt



Introduction: "Scrappy Double Irish Chain" Quilt

This quilt is the product of a quilting class I took in August 1995. I sewed a label on the back so I would remember some of the details:

"Scrappy Double Irish Chain - Aug 1995 - Machine sewed by 27 women with 75 2" strips each, or about 400 different jewel tone prints. Hand quilted by Handcrafts Unlimited"

Preparation for the class: Find at least fifteen different jewel-tone fabrics. We were to buy it, wash it, iron it, and then cut seventy-five strips each precisely two inches wide. So, with twenty-seven students in the class, we were to have 2025 strips in 405 different jewel tones. When we got to class, we were told to pile them altogether and following the instructor's directions, we started sewing. The instructor also had some of us measure and cut enough white fabric for all of us. At the end of the class, each of us went home with seventy-seven ten inch blocks plus enough extra fabric to add a border and bind a quilt.

I was thrilled. I sewed my blocks together, worked out a border, and completed the top. I packed it all up and took it to Handcrafts Unlimited of Georgetown, Williamson County, Texas, USA, and paid them to quilt it and add the binding. It has been hanging over our bed ever since.

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