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Introduction: Scrappy Love Pillow Tutorial

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Today I want to share how to make this fun Love pillow case. I based it off of trusty 10 minute pillow case tutorial and the extra details only takes maybe 5-10 minutes still a pretty quick and cheap project. Fun right? Oh and if you like, you can see my Big Bow Pillow Case tutorial here.

What You Need

    Pillow case fabric (for a 17" pillow half a yard will work)
    Scraps for design and to make lettering (a fat quarter of each will be more than enough)
    Ultra Hold Heat Bond (to make iron on lettering) or store bought iron on letters.

Step 1:

1. I used 17" square pillow cases so my measurements are based off of that. If you have different size pillows check out my basic pillow case tutorial for info about how to get the measurements for different sizes and add 11 inches to whatever you need.

2. For a 17" pillow you'll need  a piece of fabric 17x38 inches long.

3. Finish the short edges of the pillow case piece.  I did this with a serger or you can just fold the fabric under twice and sew.

Step 2:

4. Find your pillow width in the middle of the fabric (for me 17") and fold the edges in. That means I had two 10.5" flaps. (You might want to read through my basic pillow case tutorial it has way more step by step pictures that might help if you're having a hard time picturing this part). Iron down the fold.

5. Cut your scraps into little pieces. Open up the pillow case fabric and arrange the middle part of the pillow case fabric (you want it to be inside the ironed lines). Pin them down and sew around each one.

Step 3:

6. Make your "Love" iron on by ironing the Ultra bond to a piece of black (or whatever color your like) fabric. Then you can cut the letters out. I did this on my cricut but you can trace any font and cut it by hand (make sure you do it reverse if you're tracing on the back side of the iron-on paper) I have a tutorial for making iron-ons too with more pictures and slower directions if I've lost you.

7. Peel the paper back off of the iron on position on your pillow case over the scrap pieces and iron down.

Step 4:

8. Fold the flaps down so that they overlap (the back of the pillow case) the pretty part should be inside under the flaps. Remember that the first flap down will be the one that is showing so you want that to look nice. The other will be hidden.

9. Sew across the top and bottom.

Step 5:

10. Now flip it right side out, iron, and shove a pillow in there.

11. Admire your beautiful creation. Easy right? Feel free to leave a comment on my blog if you have any questions and I'll do my best to answer them.

If you try it out and post it somewhere on the interweb I'd love you to add it to my weekly What We Wore and Made link party.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Very cute! I'd love to try this with a cream/tan base and lots of colored scraps, too!


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    that sounds darling. I'm hoping to find time to do lots of different variations it's such a fun, quick, and cheap way to change things up