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Introduction: Scrapwood Loom | Camera Strap

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Not too long ago, I made a Scrapwood loom out of some 2 x 4's, dowels, and hangers.

The outcome of my first weave was a pair of subpar suspenders.

So here's my second try, this time a bit simpler.
A camera strap!

Step 1: Observe.

Measure the thickness of the original strap.

How many strands of warp yarn will you need?

When photographers shoot without the strap around their neck.
They typically wrap the camera strap around their forearm.
This is cumbersome and twists the strap.

Step 2: Set Your Loom Up

Pic 1:
Tie one end of the warp yarn onto the cloth beam.

Pic 2:
Feed the warp yarn through the slot with your reed hook

Pic 3
I have spaced our each pair of warp yarn strands by 1 slot.
This will allow me to add 3 pairs of warp yarn when I want the strap to get thicker in the middle.

Step 3: Start Weaving.

Pic 1:
Here I used 1 weft yarn with a shuttle on both ends of the yarn.

Pic 2:
Here are the weft yarns going to their respective shuttles.

Pic 3:
When you get the thin section to a desired length we're going to split the weave.

Step 4: Spliting & Joining the Weave.

Splitting & Joining is pretty much the same.
So here goes.

Pic 1:
When you're almost at the desired length

Pic 2:
Double check with your hand & wrist.

Pic 3:
I'm not too sure I can describe it better than the picture.

Pic 4:
Pull it together and repeat a few times.

Pic 5:
Add 3 pairs of Warp Yarn through the empty slots.
They will wrap around the weft yarns.
Weave through all of the warp yarns.

Step 5: Final Product.

I didn't get to snap too many pics at the end.
but you just cut the warp threads off the loom.
then singe the ends together.

The integrated wrist loop solves the problem of wrapping the strap around your forearm.

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