Scratch Built Paper Model Tu-144

Introduction: Scratch Built Paper Model Tu-144

the only matireal for the airliner is manila file folders, but of course you can use any thick paper. this model does not include seats nor a ditailed cockpit but the end is pleasing.

and for me it took 2 weeks for me to finish it. in the end it was three feet long!.


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Step 1: Body Bulkheads

cut out circles freehand with an exacto blade and a bobben of thred for the patterns.

Step 2: Slide Circles Onto a Strip of Paper Strengthend at the Bottom.

Take about 7 circles, and slide them onto a peace of paper with a triangular tube running along its leangth for added streangth

Step 3: Main Body Fuselage

using an enlarged blueprint found off of google I leangthend body tubes acordingley.

Step 4: More Fuselage Building!

I then added a door between cabbin sections for a more lifelike result.

and then moved on to the tail cone

Step 5: Tailcone Done!

now with the tail cone atached wich was extremely difficult for me the fuselage looks like its taking shape.

now we cane move on to the tail fin/rudder

Step 6: Tail Fin/rudder

with the help of he blueprint I traced out the tail fin/rudder and added flap ditails and flap actuator cowling.

Step 7: Main Delta Wings

using the blueprint the wings wher made and given shape,finer apearence and streangth by adding wing spars and ribs. flap actuator cowling

Step 8: Nose and Canards

next the front nose canards wher made. this wher the toothpic comes in useful. I pushed the toothpic through the fuselage so the canards can be placed properley and symmetricaly.

Step 9: Fuselage Skin

acording to the blueprint I cut out doors and windows prior to appending the skin to the fuselage.

Step 10: Air Intakes/engine Bay

next was the air intakes it took up to 3 tries to get the intakes just how I liked them

and then befor I glued them on I the wings I cut out the place wher the wheels would retract into

and then I cut out front and main landing gear bays.

Step 11: Landing Gear

my landing gear is unfunctional just ment to look good all of the 18 wheels wher made by wrapping thin strips of paper around a pen.

Step 12: Finishing Touches

I added the landing gear in side of the landing gear bays. and added jet nozzels

Step 13: Done

with the landing gear added I drew some of the markings that I saw of of the computer and its done!

of course you can find a better way of doing sertain things.

and add some more ditails.

and even try makeing working landing gear.

and make shor you look at plenty of refrence photos.

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    3 Discussions

    Alex in NZ
    Alex in NZ

    8 weeks ago

    This is incredible. What an amazing result from just paper (and a lot of skill). Well done, and thank you for sharing your work :-)


    8 weeks ago

    thanks so much! its my very first instructable