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Do you want to know inexpensive way to make wheel for your robot.So this instructable can really help you .

Here in this instructables i will explain, how to make a scratch made wheel for robot.

It is 100% Home Made

Step 1: Materials Used

  • PVC Pipe (PVC pipe is used as rim ,I used 1.5 inch PVC, you can use as per your requirements.)
  • Sandal (The rubber from sandal will be used as tire
  • Screws
  • Pen Tubes(To fix motors to wheel)
  • Hobby knife

Step 2: Marking on Sandals

  • First draw a circle with same diameter of the PVC Pipe.
  • Make a square around the circle and by joining diagonals you can find the middle point.
  • Next step is , by using a drawing compass draw a circle with more diameter than the PVC from the middle point, so the second circle will be used as tire.

Step 3: Cutting

By using a hobby knife cut it carefully

Step 4: Fix It

After cutting you can see as per previous step you will have 2 rubber pieces,so you can insert one piece inside the PVC and another one you can insert outside of PVC.


The both piece will be tight enough so no need to apply any gum or something

Step 5: Making Wheel Connector

In order to hold the motor we need to make a connector.I have made the connector using Pen tubes.

To make this....

  • Cut the tube of 2 cm length
  • By using a screw fix one end of tube to the middle of wheel .
  • To ensure that the motor's shaft will be tight enough ,make a hole on the side of the tube (perpendicular to the motor shaft) and insert a screw to tight it.

If you have any doubts please refer above images

Step 6: Done !

Happy Making everyone and see you in the next project :)



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