Scratchbuild Skywalker 1er FPV Plane !!! 70in Span !!

Introduction: Scratchbuild Skywalker 1er FPV Plane !!! 70in Span !!

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hi everyone ;

First im from morroco and in this country we can not order planes or quadcopter !!! because they are afraid of terrorism !!

hhhhh pfffff !!!

so we can only buy the necessary equipment such as motors the propeller servos ....... !!!!! "" they don't know this equipement is for what ""
and I would like to have an FPV airplane like skywalker or SKYHUNTER !!

I decide to build one like if i buy it !!

so i search in the net and i find an article in RCGroup by mr sfakias !!

he build a skywalker plane ! with the PDF pkans , so i decide to build my own version , and here it is !!!

spect ;;

Wingspan: 1800mm

Length : 1150mm

ESC : 60 A

Weight: 1900 Grame

Prop: 10x4;5 sf

Battery ; 2 x 3s 2200 mah 40c

Motor : ntm 3536 / 1400KV :

maiden fly soon

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    simo Lamaachi
    simo Lamaachi

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    thanks you so much !! i don't no that !! this is my first time to share something in this website !!! :)