Screen Printing Washout Booth & Filter System




Introduction: Screen Printing Washout Booth & Filter System

The photo above is my initial design for the filtration system.

Step 1: Materials

Step 2: Drain Basin

Step 3: Install Sump Pump and 1-1/4 in Connectors

Step 4: Connect Your Filter Housings



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    3 Discussions

    Thanks for the schematic. I built something kind of similar based on your post. I do have a question about how you handle waste water though. I find that when I either clean out ink or emulsion that the ink/emulsion gets suspended in the water, and neither settles out (in any reasonable amount of time) nor gets filtered by my canister filters (30 and 5 micron). The water coming out of my final filter is strongly tinted of the ink or emulsion. Have you noticed this problem, and if so, how have you handled it?

    That's a neat setup :)