Screen Printing Table

Introduction: Screen Printing Table

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Found plans for this table... Change a couple of measurements to fit my style, spent about $45 on material... Works and looks great definitely recommend!!!

Step 1: DIY Screen Printing Table

Search for these plans here or on Google... For exact measurements...

Step 2: Measurement...

Everything crossed out in red you will not need, the Blue pointing at the letter (N) will determine the height of the table...

Step 3: Materials...

My materials were purchase and cut at Home Depot. Running me about $32. The 3 inch and 2 inch wood screws that I needed, I already owned. So I'm estimating around $40. to $45. In materials...
Depending on your Home Depot the cuts will be free or $1. to $2. per cut.
Mine were free. Little tip don't ask what they charge per cut... If they do charge they will tell you. Good luck...

Step 4: Assembly...

Assembly is fairly easy. You can do it yourself but in certain cases you may need a helping hand. My assembly was completed in an a hour and a half.
With the help of my fiance. My table does not look exactly like the diagram due to the measurement changes that I have made. Not only in the heights but in the with as well to fit my exposure unit under the table...

Step 5: Printing Press...

My printing press was purchased several years ago. And it can be used on any surface. But I love the way the table makes it look more professional. And with the extended wood on the bottom, I don't need to worry about pushing down on the press too hard. My press was purchased from
It is a
4 Color 1 Station Table Top Screen Printing Silver Press... I'm not sure this particular press is still available I think it only comes in 4 color 2 station
Tabletop now... Which is an upgraded model from what I own... With many available a upgrades.

Step 6: My Finishing Project...

Like I said it looks more professional,
Afordable and very easy to assemble. I definitely recommend anyone looking to do this project to go ahead and do it. I'll try to post more photos of my exposure unit underneath the table and I am also looking to paint the wood during the summer... Good luck with your screen printing business and your project.

Remember the most important thing never give up!

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6 years ago

Looks great. Can't wait to try...