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I had this really annoying problem. I had too many screw drivers, and they were all piling up everywhere and I could barely get around with all of them. I had a pegboard, with a couple of screwdriver holders, but it wasn't cutting it, I just didn't have enough. So, I came up with a solution. I figured out this super simple device that would hold all of my screwdrivers, and fix all of my problems... for now...

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Step 1: Cut Your Wood

This part is simple enough... just cut a length of wood to make the base out of. I used a 1x4 ish size piece of wood. and cut it until it was about a foot long.

Step 2: Laying Out Where the Holes Go

Now to lay out where the holes that the screw drivers go in are. I made two rows, evenly spaced apart, and then nine columns. I thought I was laying all of that out with a dry erase pen, but, as it turns out... it was permanent, so in the later steps, don't mind the lines on the wood permanently in my pictures, ideally, they would be gone.

Anyway, you want to set this up so that you will drill a hole wherever the lines you drew cross. At least that's the idea.

Step 3: Drilling

After that, I set my wood in my vise, and started drilling. I used a 1/2 inch bit, but I wish I had a bigger bit, as some of my larger screw drivers just barely fit. After drilling all of the holes, I flipped the wood over, and then just cleaned it up a bit as there was some wood sticking out from drilling the holes, I just used a sander and a dremel with a sanding bit to clean that up.

Step 4: Attatching to the Wall

Now time to attach this to a wall. You could just drill some screws into it and then call it a day. But I had minimal wall space, so I drilled some smaller holes in the back, and then inserted some 12 gauge wire and twisted it to the wood. I then wrapped the wire around a hanger that I had had already on the wall. You might need to refer to the pictures to understand what I mean. After that, I drilled one screw into the wall in the corner of the wood as you can see in the last picture.

Now you can enjoy having an organized workspace with easily accessible screwdrivers, that don't get in your way every two seconds!!

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