Screw Driver Tool Box for DIYers Using Corrugated Box

Introduction: Screw Driver Tool Box for DIYers Using Corrugated Box

It is a screw driver tool box made out of corrugated box that was laying around so that I can organize and arrange all my screw driver and dont lose any of them

Step 1: What Will You Need


1) corrugated box


1) drill bit of different size

2) screw driver of different size

3) paper glue

4) cutting knife

Step 2: Tear the Front Plastic That Contains TI Bills So That Box Can Be Even From All the Sides

In this step you need to make rectangular corrugated box even from all the sides. since one of the side contain bill in it. It will be somewhat raised from normal side. you need to strip thoes plastic out and release the bill from that plastic bag.

Step 3: Cut the Edge of the Box Using Sharp Knife That Is Glued to the Box at One Side.

In this step you need to cut one edge of the box that is glued to the box. so that the box can have top cover.

along with this you also have to cut extended edge that is comming out of the cover. so that this remaining part can be sticked on the board. later.

Step 4: Sticking Extended Edge That Was Cut From the Cover on the Board

stick the remaining extended edge that is cut out of the board on the box in such a way that it divideds that box in 3 equal halves. use paper glue to stick the cutout edge to the box and leave it for atlease 3 hour with support on both the side of edge so that it aligns straight and remains 90 degree vertical position

Step 5: Drill Holes Through the Edge of the Size of Screw Driver You Want to Place in It

first mark the hole using seftipin and then start exending the holes using drill brits and slowly going to the bit that is size of the screw driver

Step 6: Place Screw Driver in the Box

in this stage place the screw driver in the box in case if you need to extend the hole of the other cutout edge please do it for larger screw driver as shown in this picture

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