Screws, Bolts and Bulbs

Introduction: Screws, Bolts and Bulbs

This Lamp is made out of

Screws & Bolts (approx. 1000 depending on size/length)
Steel Wire (approx. 210 feet)
Threaded Lamp Rod
Lamp Kit (3 way socket and cord) 
Assorted washers/nuts (6 to fit threaded rod, 2 slightly larger to hold screw/bolt sphere together)
A Glass Candle Holder (used to support base)

and you'll need some electricity of course... oh, and a light bulb...

Heres how to actually construct it...
-Assemble your screw bolt and wire sphere just like shown in the photos
-Using a diamond drill bit, drill through the glass candle holder so it can be slipped onto the threaded rod
-Cut down your threaded rod to fit the glass base you just drilled through, your sphere, and your 3 way socket
-Stack everything on to of each other using the nuts and washers to hold it all together
-Snake the cord up the threaded rod and follow the instructions that came with your 3 way socket
 -Put a in a bulb and put on the shade and its done...

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