Introduction: ScriptBox

ScriptBox is an arduino based device, recognized by the computer as a keyboard, which can be used for keystroke injection.

The advantages of using the ScriptBox are:

  • You can use a pin to unlock the ScriptBox so only you can use it
  • You can have as many scripts as you want
  • You can visualize the current status of your ScriptBox (running, error, standby etc.) with the help of the RGB Led

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Step 1: Parts Needed to Make the ScriptBox

If you want to build you own ScriptBox, you will need the following parts:

  • Arduino Pro Micro
  • MicroSd Module
  • 1x4 Keypad
  • RGB Led - Common Cathode
  • 3 x 330 Ohm Resistor ( I have used 220 Ohm Resistor, but the light emitted by the RGB Led it's to powerfull and uncomfortable
  • 3D Printed Box (more info will be provided)
  • MicroSD card

Step 2: Connections Diagram

I've made the following connections:

  • 1x4 Keypad - Arduino Pro Micro

pin 1 with pin 2

pin 2 with pin 3

pin 3 with pin 4

pin 4 with pin 5

pin 5 with GND

  • RGB Led - Arduino Pro Micro

GND with GND

The 3 pins from the RGB Led (using the resistors - see diagram) with 18, 19, 20 (A0, A1, A2) pins of Arduino.

Note: If you can't find the correct order to connect the pins, the RGB Led will represent different states of ScriptBox with colors different from the ones I choose. For example: Instead of showing a red light when pin was wrong, it will show a blue light. To fix this you have 2 choices:

1. Modify the initialization of the RGB Led pins in the code from Step 4(suggested):

// RGB Led pins
int redPin = 18;
int greenPin = 19;
int bluePin = 20;

So, if you have blue color when pin was wrong instead for red, you can change to this setup:

// RGB Led pins
int redPin = 20;
int greenPin = 19;
int bluePin = 18;

2. Try to find the right pin connection order

  • MicroSD Module - Arduino Pro Micro:

GND with GND

VCC with VCC

MISO with MISO (pin 14)

MOSI with MOSI (pin 16)

SCK with SCLK (pin 15)

CS with pin 7

Step 3: 3D Printed Box

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