Scroll Saw Conversion to Filer




About: Retired Tool and die maker.

Make sure the saw in unplugged before you start.

You will need:

A Dremel type tool and .080 " wide grinding wheel.

A chainsaw file.

A lathe or other means of creating a circular slot or groove.

Step 1: Increase Slot Size in Blade Brackets

Remove upper and lower blade retainer brackets and grind the slots to a width of about .080 of an inch. I used an .080 " wide grinding wheel.

Step 2: Cut to Length

Use cutoff saw to cut the chain saw file to about the same length as a scroll saw blade.

Step 3: Grind Slots

Set up in a lathe and grind slots at each end of the file to fit the .080 " opening in the blade bracket.

Step 4: Grind Flats If Required

Because of the design in my blade holders I had to put some small parallel flats on each side of the file ends.

Step 5: Install the Chainsaw File

Place the file in the blade holder brackets with the file cutting action working on the down stroke and apply tension with the blade tension adjusting screw. Stand clear when first turning the scroll saw on to make sure all is secured well.


After modifying the blade holder brackets my scroll saw blades still fit the same and work just as well.



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    2 years ago

    This is a good alternative to a dedicated die filer machine, nice mod!