Introduction: Scrub

Step 1: Materials

you need pattern for the shirt you want to make, thread, cloth, sewing machine, scissors, string, pliers, and a wire hanger

Step 2: Patterns

Cut out and pin patterns on the cloth. Cut out patterns on the cloth once pinned.

Step 3: Making Upper Part

sew sides (between bottom and arm hole and between top of arm hole and side if neck hole) of top back and front

then hem arm holes and head hold by turning it inside out and folding over the sides to leave a clean finish. pin the fold to hold in place while sewing

Step 4: Bottom Part

make double of bottom pattern by using the pattern outline to cut out two in the cloth. sew the sides of the bottom pieces together to make the full bottom piece.

Step 5: Putting Them Together

put shirt inside out and put it inside bottom part so the bottom of the top part and top of the bottom part are touching and sew to connect the two.

Step 6: Start of Drawstring

sew sides of a random strip of cloth to prevent the thread to come out and sew one side to seam where top and bottom are sewed together (when shirt is inside out)

Step 7: End of Drawstring

then sew the other side of the random strip to the the first side so it's folded over

inside the shirt- push wire hanger through hole made by the random strip being folded over and attach the string to the wire hanger when it's pushed through all the way and coming out of the hole on the other side

pull the wire hanger out of the shirt, dragging the string through it.

Step 8: Hem Bottom of Shirt

hem bottom of shirt by turning it inside out and folding the bottom over and pin it to make sewing easier. sew

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