Sculpey Pilgrim Hat Wine Stoppers




Introduction: Sculpey Pilgrim Hat Wine Stoppers

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With Thanksgiving right around the corner there isn't much time left to go out and buy some fancy new table top decor. Well, have no fear because we have the perfect last minute DIY for you - these Sculpey pilgrim hat wine stoppers. They are the perfect little touch to add to your bottle of wine at your Thanksgiving table or to store on your fancy bar cart. If you don't drink wine you can always pop these little hats into an olive oil bottle too!

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Step 1: Materials

Here is what you will need to make these Sculpey pilgrim hat wine stoppers:

  • Sculpey – black, white, yellow (if you don’t have colors, you can always paint white sculpey when it’s dry)
  • Cork wine stoppers – you can buy them or use the cork in your bottle now!
  • A hot glue gun and glue
  • Parchment pape

Step 2: Making the Pilgrim Hat

  1. Lay out your parchment paper on a surface you can work on.
  2. Roll a clump of sculpey into a ball – this will be the body of the hat, so use as big of a piece as you want the hat to be. Make sure it is at least as big as the cork wine stopper, but we thought it looked nicer if it was even bigger (about an inch and a quarter to an inch and a half in diameter).
  3. Start shaping your ball into a cone shape with a flat top and bottom. We did this by rolling it at an angle on the parchment paper on the table and pressing the top and the bottom flat. Keep working at it until it looks hat shaped! (See photo below).
  4. Grab a new piece of black – about an inch or so – and roll it into a ball and press it flat into a pancake. This will be the brim of the hat. Once it’s in the shape of the pancake, lay the body of the hat on top of it and see if it looks ok, if it’s too big or small, add or take away clay and redo this step. Once it’s just right, firmly press the body and the brim of the hat together so they stick well.
  5. Roll the white out into a snake and press it flat. This will be the trim between the brim and the body of the hat. You can decide how thick you want it to be. Wrap it around the hat.
  6. Roll the yellow into a thinner snake but don’t press it flat! carefully make a small rectangle to place on the white rim.
  7. Once your Sculpey hat is assembled, bake it according to the package instructions – Mine said to bake at 275 F for 15 minutes per 1/4 inch, so mine was in there about 30 or 40 minutes, checking every 10 minutes after the first 20 minutes. I baked it on a baking sheet lined with parchment.

Step 3: Putting the Hat Together

Once your Sculpey is baked and cooled, warm up your hot glue gun and glue the hat to your cork! Now you’re ready to cork some wine bottles with your pilgrim hat wine stoppers!

Step 4:

There you have it folks! A super easy, super last minute craft you can do to add a bit of fun flair to your Thanksgiving table! If you are a big crafter or have kids, chances are you already have some Sculpey at home so there is no excuse not to try this craft out! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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    So cute! Happy T-Day!