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After extensive research into how to create a personalized Halloween mask with little expense or fuss, I came up with this method which seems to work well. It requires few materials and little skill (I know, this was the first time I had tried sculpting). Hopefully you'll find this useful.

Please be nice, this is my first Instructable :)

Step 1: Materials

1. Milliput. This is an epoxy putty and can be sculpted like modelling clay. You'll want to buy more packets depending on how big/complex you want your mask to be. 1 pack is enough to create simple features like on the bronze mask I made. 1 pack costs about £2.50 online

2. A base mask. I used this one:

Any base mask will do, it's down to personal preference. I used this one because it's very sturdy and not at all flimsy

You can pick these up for as little as £3 if you search

3. Super glue or epoxy glue. These will help if any of your milliput parts fall off. It's ok, milliput sets rock solid so if it does fall off the mask, it falls off whole

4. Sculpting tools. I just used my penknife and a butter knife to add detail, but you may wish to pick up a proper set

5. Paints. These are again, a matter of personal preference. I used black primer spray paint as a base coat, then some old Warhammer paint to add over the top. I used clear coat enamel spray to add a shiny finish

Step 2: Design

You may already have an idea of what you want to make. If not, have a think or look on the interwebs for ideas. It's normally a good idea to sketch your design before you go to modelling.

I then used paper cutouts and tape to see what my mask's features would look like (sorry but I can't orientate the pictures the right way up :/ ) These would help later as I could use them as a size reference when sculpting

Step 3: Sculpting!

Follow the instructions on the packet of miliput and mix an amount that seems appropriate. It's always better to mix too little and then add on, than to mix too much and waste material. Work with wet hands, this helps smooth down any raised areas or gaps that appear when sculpting. Apply the milliput firmly so it gets a good grip on the base mask.

Work reasonably fast, as once miliput sets, there's no readjusting (although it can be sanded, filed, drilled etc.)

All of this bit is completely up to you, get creative and don't be disappointed if it doesn't look exactly as you wanted it to.

Step 4: Add Further Detail

I added the cheeks and the nose bumps by flattening out the miliput and then cutting the shape I wanted using the butter knife. I then added the scars using my penknife.

Once you're happy with your design, allow the milliput to dry for a couple of hours. You can still add on extra if you're not content with it yet.

Sand down anything that you think needs sanding

Step 5: Painting

First of all, you need to prime the mask. I used black spray paint because it provides extra depth to the mask later. As for the actual colours, many paints can be used e.g. enamels, acrylics etc.

I used Warhammer paints for mine, the bronze and then a citadel mud wash for the old, worn effect.

Again, let your imagination run wild, and be creative!

Step 6: Finishing

I used several generous layers of clear coat enamel spray to provide a protective finish to the mask. I was pretty proud as this was my first attempt at doing this.

Step 7: Get More Creative!

You may have a few paints and some un-used milliput left over like I did. I decided to order another mask and make another one.

This one was a bit more ambitious :)

If you have any questions or I haven't explained anything clearly, please let me know (in a constructive way) in the comments. Thanks



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    I think you did a great job! Making the masks and with the instructable! Please continue to be creative and make more! Of both! Thanks!


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