Sculptural Lamp




For this lamp, I used a metal sphere that can be found at most home goods/accessory stores ($15). I added the base from an old lamp, a basic light kit and an "Edison" style light bulb.

Step 1: Wire the Base.

Using a light kit from a home improvement store, I ran the electrical cord through the base and into the fixture.

Step 2: Attach the Metal Sphere.

I sandwiched the metal sphere between the base and fixture and hand tightened it together.

Step 3: Add "Edison" Style Lightbulb.

I choose this type of lightbulb from the home improvement store for its cool look both off and on.

Step 4: Find a Great Place to Use the New Lamp.

I have it in our guest bedroom.



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    It is beautiful but I was really hoping to see if you would have made the sphere. Great Idea though, thank you so much for sharing :)

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