Sea Breeze




Introduction: Sea Breeze

The original Sea Breeze recipe is with Vodka, but changing that to Gin will improve your drink drastically. This is a simple but refreshing cocktail which you can make with normal kitchen tools.

Using fresh and quality products will guarantee the best results.

The idea of the recipe is taken from Lorne from Angel TV-series.

Step 1: Ingredients

Here is what you need:

  1. Grapefruit (white variety)
  2. Cranberry juice (good variety)
  3. Gin (excellent variety)
  4. Ice cubes (not the hip-hop artist/actor)
  5. Two long cocktail glasses (highball glasses)
  6. Citrus squeezer
  7. Measurement glass
  8. Straws

One grapefruit is enough for two glasses of Sea Breeze. If you have more company, just get more grapefruits.

Step 2: Ice Cubes and Spirits

  • First fill your glass at least half full with ice (this is the positive approach, if you are pessimistic person you can also fill it half empty).
  • Measure 4cl (Yeah baby, metric system!) of Gin in each glasses.

Step 3: Grapefruit

Squeeze the grapefruit. You should get nice pulpy juice with a squeezer. (It is blasphemy to use bottled grapefruit juice)

Pour 4cl of grapefruit juice to each glass.

Step 4: Cranberry Juice

Next fill the glass with cranberry juice. The color of the drink should be about the same as in the pictures. This is not accurate science, so you might want to experiment a bit. But you usually get the best mixture if you have filled the whole glass with ice. This way you can't add too much cranberry juice.

Too much cranberry juice will make the drink too sweet and it will also hide the characteristics of Gin.

Add straw and mix a bit (stirred, not shaken).

Step 5: Enjoy!

Enjoy responsibly!

Be careful, the more you drink it, the more you want it.

Generic recipe:

  • Fill long glass with ice
  • 1 part of Gin
  • 1 part of Grapefruit juice
  • 2-3 parts of Cranberry juice
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    4 years ago

    This sounds delicious! I'm SO American I had to look up "cl". SO embarrassing I never heard of centiliters! :) Thanks for this summer fun recipe!