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Introduction: Sea Monkeys

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Sea Monkeys are a brine shrimp that are sold as "instant pets". There are various "lands" that they can "live on". The original tank is bought at around nine US dollars ($9). I will Show you How to raise and keep Them alive.

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Step 1: Buying

There are various places to buy seamonkeys. I bought mine at the toy store, Toys R Us, in the science area. You can also buy them at places like Wallgreens in the toys area. the Original packs are around $9, you can buy a plastic tank kit for around 5 bucks, and an "adventure" kit for around 10-18 dollars.

Step 2: Water

Fill the tank with 12 ounces of water. Pour the "water purifier" into the tank. You can also wait 24 hours before adding the sea monkeys to be safe.

Step 3: Tricks

Some people's sea-moneys can do tricks. Here are a few tricks to use;
a popular item to use are "magic gems" you can buy these special sea monkey toys from the offical sea monkey website or from the toy store. your sea monkeys might ignore these but they should learn to mess with them if they are the type that do tricks.
Turn off any lights near your sea monkeys. Use a pen light or small light and turn it on. point it directly at the tank and your sea monkeys might follow it. let them dance or play follow the leader.

Step 4: Breeding or Fighting?

After about a couple, you might find a couple of pairs of sea monkeys touching thier tails together. Dont worry! ther arent fighting, they are breeding. If you are planning on haveing more sea monkeys, then make sure you have enough food.

Step 5: Accesories

there are many ways to show off your sea monkeys! Things like necklaces, and tubes called "pens" that you can actually write with now. This is all about Sea monkeys. Thanks and comment

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    4 Discussions


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Cool I bought 2 of these but then I ran out of food. SO I went to Target bought 10 of those "Baby Sea Monkey Nursery" for 75 cents each! 75 cents! 


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    PizzaPie, do you have any of the baby nursery tanks left over (don;t need the rest, just the tanks :) ) Gt in touch w, me at my FB profile, thx!


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I noticed one ad image above is the same one used in the 1970's when I got my first Sea Monkeys.

    SeaMonkeys are cool, so are Triops.