Sea Salt Scrub

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This is an easy way to exfoliate your face with stuff you maybe already have!

Step 1: Get Materials

1. Sea salt or normal salt

2. Cleanser I am using cetaphil cleanser

3. Container with lid

Step 2: Mix

Mix together at a .75-1 ratio .75 being the cleanser 1 being salt

If you don't understand ratios look below

You will need however much salt that you want and 75% of that amount in cleanser

Sorry if that does not make Any since. I can explain it better in video.

Step 3: Done!

Enjoy! You can add essential oils if you want. I don't have any though. Thanks! Please vote and comment if you have any questions.



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    6 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Thanks for answering my question! I might try this!


    4 years ago

    Yes you do wash it off. It might wash off a little bit of lotion, but the purpose of it is to hold the salt together...ish. If you want you can add extra lotion!


    4 years ago

    Do you wash it off? Wouldn't it wash of the lotion?