Seabrook Beach Broth

Introduction: Seabrook Beach Broth

I do a lot of "Huntering & Gathering".

The summer season is slowly winding down and I wanted to get that last day or two at the beach.

I played hookey today to do it.

I had a plan that I would gather up all sorts of elements from the beach and create a broth out of them.

It's a lovely, private beach on the Atlantic.

Step 1: The Haul

We forgot to bring the camera to the beach, but took plenty of pictures of our haul when we got back home.

The above picture is from what I dumped into the sink.

Lots of great stuff!!

Different types of seaweed, shells, crabs, clam shells, mussels and periwinkles(snails, or escargot)

Step 2: Leech!

I filled the pot with my Ocean Treasures, filled it to just below the top with water and put it on the stove.

(I could have built an outdoor fire with sticks and cooked it over that, but time was precious for a girl playing hookey, so I used an appliance of convenience.)

Put the heat on high, then lower it as necessary so as not to make a mess.

It should always be producing steam, slowly losing volume.

Don't add water; you want the volume reduced by 1/3 over a period of 8 hours.

You could cook it longer to leech more minerals out, but I stopped it at 8.

Step 3: Cool, Strain and Enjoy!

I love the pictures that we took!

I went through all of the snails. You can pick out, with a toothpick, a good deal of protein from them

I also got some delicious crab meat and mussels. Some were a bit gritty, but that's how it goes. Rinse if ya want to.

The final broth was amazing. I expected it to be salty, but it wasn't.

Super nutritious and a great base for a clam or fish chowder.


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    4 Discussions

    Joe Petrocks
    Joe Petrocks

    5 years ago on Introduction

    That looks amazing. Will have to try it over here on the Left coast!


    5 years ago

    Looks yummy, I just don't live in a area to make "homemade" broth.

    Oh, btw I was looking at your fish trap, I think you should tighter glue the cones where the fish go in. My cone is rigid with no flex I've put so much glue on it.

    Great instructable, I always appreciate home cooking.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Hi! Glue? : D I used none. I also didn't make the trap door, so I needed to be able to get access. In the pic I am holding it so it looks open, but I believe it was closed up when it went in the water.... but yeah, I wondering the same thing, if the entrance hole should be smaller. I'll close up both ends and put a door in there like yours.