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Introduction: Seafood Linguine

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On the day after my high school graduation, I went out with a few of my closest friends for a night on the town. After bumming around the city for a few hours, we got hungry and went into a nice little sports bar.
While scanning the menu and listening to my friends yell at each other about hockey, I happened to see seafood linguine on the menu. Now, I am an uncultured swine, and I didn't really know what linguine was. But you'd best believe I love me some sea food, so I was willing to risk it.
It came out, all noodly and seafoody, and then boom. Delicious.
This instructable documents my attempt to recreate that experience.

Step 1: Let's Get Ingredients

It doesn't matter how you get these, whether it be through a grocery store heist, or an Indiana Jones style quest.
• 1 pound of shrimp. These shrimp should be uncooked and gray. If they're already cooked they'll be tough when you re-cook them.
•1/2 pound of scallops.
•1/2 pound of squid tubes. These are basically squid scalps. They're the skin on the outside of the squids head. They look like white rubbery wizard hats.
•1 pound of clams and oysters. There won't be a pound of clam meat, because the shells make up a lot of the weight, but a pound should be enough, even including the shells.
•Linguini. One package will probably be enough. It expands a lot when it's boiled.
•butter and olive oil.
•heavy cream

Step 2: Prepare the Ingredients

•Take the shrimp. Chop off the tail, and peel the thin shell off the creature. Play death metal to set the mood. Now take a fish knife and cut a small slit in the shrimps belly. You should see a black line running through it. This is either it's spine or some type of vein. Either way it often has sand in it, so make sure and clean it thoroughly, removing the line. After all your shrimp have been thoroughly eviscerated be sure and wash them under water.
• Depending on the size of your scallops you may need to chop them into smaller, more bite size pieces. This helps it to cook better and to mix with the rest of the dish.
•Take the squid tubes and chop them up, so that they form rings of squid. If you've ever had calamari shaped like rings, this is how they do it.

Step 3: Prepare the Other Ingredients

•Take your clams and oysters and set them in a steamer and put it over the stove to boil. If you don't own a steamer, take a colander and put it onto a pot of water. Set the clams in the colander, but make sure that the water doesn't touch them. The steam will cause them to open up, but we don't want them to be cooked just yet. Now pry them out of the shell with your thumb and wash them
•Take the box of linguine noodles. Set it on the table and allow it to continue to be linguine. We don't need it just yet.

Step 4: Fry the Seafood and Boil the Linguine

Take a pan and mix butter and olive oil together. Heat up the mixture until everything is completely warm and melted. Toss in the seafood and let it cook. Fry to taste, but make sure the shrimp turns pink before you take it off.
Now boil some water and toss in the linguine.

Step 5: Make the Sauce

I chose to do a white sauce. Take some butter, and some heavy cream and mix it in the pan (after you remove the seafood). Let it melt, and toss in some chives, or lemongrass. Onions go well with this sauce too, but make sure they're very finely chopped.
You could choose other sauces as well. I hear white wine sauce goes well with this type of dish.

Step 6: Serve

Take the linguine and the seafood and mix them thoroughly. Leave the sauce in the pan so that diners can take enough sauce to suit their preferences.

Have a linguine party!

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    5 years ago

    Pretty much. I think linguine works better for this, but spaghetti would be interesting to try.


    5 years ago

    Wow this looks awesome, so fried seafood cream and spaghetti?