Seaglass Wirelease




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Simple lease to make in Seaglass and wire.

Step 1: Step 1: Materials Needed

Sea glass



Thin wire

Thick wire

Step 2: Step 2: Make the Form of Lease

Cut the thick wire to make the frame of the lease.
If you want to create a large lease is long, if you want to create a small lease and cut short.

Step 3: Step3:bend the Wire to Favorite Shape

can connect allowed to separate into two, it would be or overlaid the wire to double.

Step 4: Step4:fixed With Wire

Once you have the favorite shape, and secure using a thin wire.

Then it is easier to work, later this wire is may be removed.

Step 5: Step5:make the Decoration of Seaglass

Cut a thin wire to a suitable length, and wrapped around the seaglass.

Good winding whatever, but put the winding rugged as seaglass does not fall from the gap between the wire.

Step 6: Step6: Wound the Seagrass to Lease

Completed on the wound to lease the seaglass.



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    2 years ago

    Question--if it is connected, how do you get it on? is it large enough to go over the head?

    Thank you, Thank you! I am very happy.

    I it is difficult Seaglass collect, it is so beautiful, I want you to know everyone more.(*^_^*)