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Hi, My name is Luigi "Ludvic" for the friends, I really like the recycle, the technology and the...

Hi Maker!

in this tutorial i Show a simple method for Seal Your Plastic Bag!
With this trick your Plastic bag get Waterproof for external liquid, or if you prefer for a liquid inside the bag if you want don't escape (in my case)

it's really Simple and you can fìnd the object for project inside your home!

I leave here the video if You want see the final result and the Waterproof test!
it's really fast and steal you only 1 minute!

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Step 1: What Do You Need?

For make this tutorial you need 3 components:

► Plastic bag (obviously)

►Baking Paper


in my experience i found another components for make this trick but the quality isn't good than the classic method

► in alternative to the baking paper yo can use common news paper or other piece of paper
►in alternative to solderimg you can use the Flatiron

Step 2: Easy and Fast

Leave your soldering to get hot and put the baking paper on the plastic bag you want to Seal!

Now use the Tip of welder to draw the part if you want to seal (like the photo) Be careful with this part, because the tip of welder it's really hot and you can burn your skin!

After you can test the seal with pull the two extremity of the bag

But whats happening at the plastic?

the Source of heat on the soldering melt the plastic and Link the two part of plastic together... this create a new piece of plastic and nothing can get out and nothing get in

Step 3: Waterproof Test

Now the best part: The final Test for waterproof

Seal a little bit of water or another things and try to press on top of this, if you want see the liquid get out you had made a good Job

This it's a good tips when you have to reapir an important document or item you won't get wet.
Another application is for ice! You can seal the water inside and after put in the refrigerator

Stay tuned for other project, because i will post other interesting instructables and check my channel here for other special video:


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    6 Discussions


    3 years ago

    What kind of bags are you guys using for this?


    4 years ago on Introduction

    I assume you mean soldering iron and not welder, since you are using a soldiering iron in all your pics and video. I've used this technique for years. Many soldering irons have attachments with them or available separately. I use a grading point tip it is perfect for sealing plastic. That or a flat chisel tip.


    4 years ago

    Still looking for the welder, I did see a soldering iron though! BTW, Great idea on sealing bags! :-)


    4 years ago

    I just tried this, and the bag would brake before the actual seal. Great!


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Great idea!! Some time ago I joined two or more plastic bags together with the iron for one of my projects, but I didn't even think of this! Very useful :)


    4 years ago on Introduction

    nice work! I like how you do a waterproof test! thanks for sharing :)