Sealed Envelope Hack!


Introduction: Sealed Envelope Hack!

This video is a short tutorial with a storyline (sense of humor required). It "addresses" how to actually break open a sealed envelope and reseal it perfectly. This is better than steaming it. Save a stamp!



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    Mmmmm, licking an already licked envelope sounds yummy. H1N1 here you come! Also, I am pretty sure that you can not re-use a stamp that has been processed by the USPS. Notice on a received letter that has a stamp that there is ink from a rubber stamp over it and the envelope after it was processed.

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    So you're paranoid about H1N1? That's sad. Did you ever seal an envelope and forget to put something in it (i.e. a check or rebate slip, etc.)? That's when you can do this to save a stamp. Notice the disclaimer: "sense of humor required."

    I thought that was having a sens of of humor. I guess everything is taken out of context on here. Maybe if I had added a ";)" it would have been clearer. As far as my second part though, you really didn't explain that this was for re-opening a letter you are sending.

     H1N1 doesn't even exist, it was propaganda made up by the government to the common masses, spread by the mass media pass, to pass the health bill. I have proof, good proof, but I'm not sharing it yet. Yet... 

    My daughter caught the H1N1 virus at a convention in NJ. She was in Intensive Care and on a respirator for over a week. We're lucky to still have her. Where's your proof now? Maybe you should be more paranoid about a real threat, and less worried about government conspiracies. And this was before Obamacare, so you can't blame "the health bill." (What are you talking about, anyway???)

    This whole "Ew! You're licking someone else's spit!" response is sad...use a barely damp sponge on the adhesive to dampen it. No DNA that way either!

    do you know that you licked the envelope that was licked too?

    I don't believe it, that does not look like an envelope that was properly stuck down (it appears to be very lightly tacked at one point). I could test it but I guess you'd say it wasn't the same type of envelope? "Freezing allows..." translates to "Freezing almost completely unglues" in the video. L

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    You know, I'm wondering about this theory also. I live in Wisconsin, someplace that gets plenty of snow. During the winter time, I frequently have to shovel-out my mailbox. I'd have expected to find more envelopes in the mailbox that have simply come "unstuck". Perhaps they just needed the thin edge of a knife.

    what the frezzing does is that it sorta solidifies the glue changing the consistancy
    so that it is no longer sticky

    Do you claim that if I will seal a gummed envelop, allow it to dry then put it in a freezer it will unstick? And if I do test it and it doesn't work you won't tell me if was the wrong king of envelope?


    I can hardly follow what you're trying to convey. Use a good-old standard Mead brand business envelope if you really want to test it out. Is that what you're asking? The kind of envelope?

    Finally...a way to check my neighbor's mail without getting caught!

    I would have never thought of that. Good one :)

    You left your DNA on that envelope, so when they come looking for the bank robber, they'll find you!! But seriously, I was shown a trick once by our local postmaster. When I had just sealed an envelope and then realized i forgot something He rolled the tip of a pen between the flap and the envelope and it neatly peeled it apart. I bet if you used that in conjunction with the freezer, it would work great.