Introduction: Searching


'Searching' is a project by team '1+1', aiming to activate the interaction and collaboration between the students from different departments in the university(Korea National University of Arts), as it is not well carried out as student's expectation. In this project, the interactive installation searches a post-title which includes specific words("구함"/"구합"/"구합니다"-"search", "searching") in the website Everytime (, online university community) and accumulates them into a data file in real-time through python program in Rasberry Pi. When a person presses a button of the installation, a voice reads the title of a certain post through a speaker from the list of the data, and the time when the post is written is printed out in a piece of paper. (Team '1+1' members: Hwaeun Kim, Kyungjin Kim, Jungyoon Park, Yoonji Lee, Daeun Joo, <Team Learning 2019: Trouble Shooting @Seok-gwan Dong>, Art Collider, Korea National University of Arts)

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Step 1: Materials

1. Materials

0) Installation: acryl

1) Hardware: a mini Thermal Printer[NT114990012], a RASPBERRY-PI 3 Model B+, a speaker, a button

2) Software: python

Step 2: Process

2. Process

0) Installation: laser cutting specific word "구함"(means searching in Korean), and a box

1&2) Hardware& Software:

(1) Set-up: Downloading & importing packages; BeautifulSoup(crawling data), requests(parsing), gTTS(text into voice), gpiozero(controlling button)

(2) Crawling Data from webpage( target-the title of the post, key word-"구함/구합/구합니다", saved data-post ID/post title/posted time

(3) Printing & Sound: printer - mini Thermal Printer, sound - omx player

(4) Button: controlled by Raspberry Pi GPIO

Step 3: Code

python code running in Rasberry Pi

Step 4: Test

Test for the button controlled printing and sound

Step 5: Final Installation

The work is installed next to the ticket machine in the cafeteria of the university, as it is a place that students from various departments can visit and actually see the installation while waiting in a line in front of the ticket machine.

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