Seashell MP4 Holder Necklace

This is a prop for a future video. What it is is a plastic clamshell which I converted into a necklace that conceals a MP4 player. 

Step 1:

To make it, first I spray painted the seashell gold, then after it dried I carefully filed away the ends of the hinges until I could carefully pull out the metal hinge pin. I then replaced the hinge pin with a long earring wire and used pin-nosed jewelers pliers to make a loop on each end of the wire next to the hinge end. To these, I attached a metal chain I got from a cheap necklace.

Step 2:

I then used scraps of foamboard to make a holder for the MP4 player. I made it to fit snugly over the clip back of the MP4 player and hot glued it to the inside of the shell.

Step 3:

This is the MP4 player I chose to use for this project. I got it off ebay for about $15.00 some time back. It is not touch sensitive but it is built to automatically turn the image right side up however it's turned. Soryy about the image quality of the player but it is difficult to take a picture of a picture on a MP4 player. The second pic shows the player inside the holder.

Step 4:

This is just to show how the shell can be turned in any direction and the image on the MP4 player will still be upright. 

Step 5:

The player has no speaker but that isn't nessesary for a prop. I will be dubbing voiceovers for it in the video. However, the headphone jack is still accessable and a set of earphones can still be plugged into it: Plus because its' easily removeable it can be both recharged and information downloaded into it.  This will be used with a wizard-style costume.



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