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Introduction: Seashell Outdoor Table

About: I recently retired and I find I have so much time on my hands. I love DIY !! I love re purposing old unwanted items and making them functional and beautiful. I am currently remodeling my home.

Hi there! I had found a couple of lounge chairs on the curb in my neighborhood. They were white, filthy, but worked. I painted them, and then I needed a small outdoor table to go in between them.

Step 1: Filling the Pot

I came up with a really awesome idea....Above picture is what I used. I had a old, beaten up, ugly 20" terra cotta pot that I painted yellow. I purchased a bag of sand and a 24" glass top. I already had a bag shells someone had given me!

A terra cotta pot is very heavy. I wanted to be able to move it around without hurting I gathered pieces of Styrofoam and cardboard to fill the pot 2/3 up from top, this would keep the pot from being too heavy. (Pic 2-3)

I cut a circle from cardboard that fit pretty good on top.(pic 4)

Step 2: Adding Sand and Shells

Then I added the sand, leaving about 2" from top. Then add your shells. Add the glass top. There you go! A beautiful and unique outdoor table.



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    this is a creative reuse., really like this. That was a great way to make the pot lighter