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Introduction: Seashell Planter

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The Seashell planters are gorgeous with a succulent, cactus or air plant growing inside. Great for a sea themed rooms or just for some green inside. This eye pleasing planter will be sure to delight you with its fine details.

Step 1: Shell Preparation

Any seashell with a sizable shell that sits securely when its opening faces upward and an opening large enough for at least one plant (Succulent, Cacti or Air Plant) and deep enough to hold the soil mixture will work. Clean and disinfecting the shell before you plant prevents disease and fungus problems later.

Step 2: Filling the Shell

A thin layer of clean gravel provides drainage inside the shell. Covering the gravel with a thin layer of activated charcoal prevents any odors from forming in the standing water that may collect in this gravel layer. You can use the appropriate kind of potting soil mix or create your own. Fill it with a few plant cuttings.

Step 3: Maintenance

You would not need to drill holes underneath for draning. The key is to not over water, keeping your watering to a minimum and allow these plants to dry out completely between waterings.



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I'm going to put a Tillandsia in one of these!


2 years ago

I dont know the scientific name but the common name is Nopalito

Fabulous! What kind of cactus is that?